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Operator of Odessa Port Container Terminal Ru
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HPC Ukraina as a part of HHLA group obeys compliance principles.

Doing business according to these principles automatically means rule of law in company activity and securing of its rightfulness and ethics.

Compliance is a part of company business culture when each and every employee performs his/her duties including decision-making of every level in compliance with law and fair practice the company states when doing business.

The compliance secures:

  • corporate entirety
  • minimizing of risks
  • sustainable business development

HHLA develops company legal documents regulating proper conduct of the employees of the whole Group and our company follows these documents with regard to the local specifics. One of such documents is the Code of Conduct of HPC Ukraina employees; you can read it here.

Regular trainings arranged for the company workers let learn recent changes in compliance and legislation more detailed as well as contribute to the team spirit.

We comply with the legislation in power and expect the same from our business partners!

Nadezhda Suranova
Compliance Officer
SC HPC Ukraina
Phone: 729-45-65

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