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Construction of the container terminal is designed on the open water area of Odessa bay adjacent to the existing container terminal (outer borders of Roadstead (Reidoviy) and Quarantine Moles).Budget cost of the project exceeds 300 mln. USD.
Designed terminal includes:

  • designed annual container turnover is 600 000 U (in addition to the present terminal capacity of 750000 TEU);
  • formation of territory of 19.3 hectares;
  • dredging of water area of 65 ha;
  • protecting structure (breakwater) of 900 m long;
  • 2 berths of total length 650 m and 15.0 m deep equipped with 6 container cranes;
  • bank protection of 920 m;
  • open storage areas for containers equipped with RTG cranes with span of 26.45m, area 65190 m2;
  • access road of 450 m;
  • administrative and welfare building;
  • auxiliary, sanitary, electric technical buildings and facilities;
  • fencing of territory of 635 m.
Width of a new terminal is 295 m to the seaside from the existing seawall of the Quarantine Mole.
Auto connection with outer roads is foreseen along the designed road, for which a lane of 18 m with bank protection should be newly-formed, up to the existing flyover.
It is planned 2 entrances. The main entrance (exit) with interchange is calculated for simultaneous passing of 4 auto vehicles.
The second entrance is from the side of the existing container terminal, berths 2 and 3, which is foreseen mostly for fire engines.
In operation zone there are berths, open storage areas with technological passages.
In back zone (close to the existing seawall) there is roadway of 12 m, administrative building with parking of personal cars, scales, parking for TTUs, transformer station. On the part of territory adjacent to the north part of fencing there is a complex of treatment facilities. The existing access channel is limited to the ships length of 300 m and breadth of 40 m.
The designed existing access channel and operating water area of the container terminal, will have a designed depth of 15.0 m for the acceptance of ships of 323 m long, up to 42.8 m wide, with load draught 14.0 m. In prospect it is supposed to increase a designed depth of the container terminal up to 16.0 m for acceptance of ships of length 363.8 m, breadth 47.2 , load draught 15.4 m.

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