18.03.2014 13:41QM DepartmentNormal Importance
  Reclamation work for formation of terminal territory and construction of southern and northern embankments has been completed. Pavement of access road from existing terminal along southern embankment to berth 2k, pavement of quay apron and operational area with width of 65m covering full length of berth 2k, and installation of surface water drainage network of berth 2k including central collector/separator and pump system for linking existing terminal’s drainage water system, and water supply system for berth 2k have been completed. Electrical works for installation of 3.5km MT feed cable (6.0kV) from substation ‘Morskaya’ to Port’s substation DP-6, installation of MT cable (6.0kV) from DP-6 to terminal substation TS-1, modification and extension of substations Morskaya and DP-6, installation of MT cable to berth 2k (STS connection points), installation of LT terminal grid (0.4kV) and communication lines of berth 2k have been completed. Three STS cranes have been delivered and they are under erection now.

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