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Basic characteristics
  • Highly motivated work force.
  • Modern equipment and technologies.
  • Modern computerized Container Terminal Information System (CTIS).
  • Many years of international practical experience.
  • Individual approach to clients.
  • Terminal Capacity
  • Terminal area 145 000 sq./m.
  • Storage capacity approx. 13 500 TEUs.
  • Rail track inside terminal is 750 m.
  • Reefer Yard
  • 400 fixed plugs
  • 180 mobile plugs
  • Berths specification
    Main Berth #2 (click here to see plan)
  • Length 310 m / working length 260 m
  • Depth 12,50 m
  • Equipped with 3 gantry cranes:
  • 3 STS crane “Liebherr” Post-Panamax, SWL 50 tons under spreader, under hook 57 tons;
  • Berth # 1k,2k (QUARANTINE MOLE) (click here to see plan)
  • Terminal area 193 000 sq./m.
  • Length 650 m (1k-350m. 2k-300m.)
  • Depth 14.2 m
  • Equipped with:
  • 3 STS crane "Liebherr" Post-Panamax, SWL 65 tons under spreader(twin-lift), under hook 75 tons;

  • Feeder Berth #3 (click here to see plan)
  • Length 230 m
  • Depth 11,8 m
  • Equipped with:
  • 1 STS crane "Liebherr" Panamax, SWL 40 tons under spreader, under hook 50 tons;
  • Equipment:
  • Various yard handling equipment i.e. reachstackers, RMG, RTG, forklifts, truck-trailers.
  • Operator of Container Terminal

    Since July 1, 2001 Container Terminal Operator is the enterprise "HPC Ukraina", a subsidiary company of "HPC Hamburg Port Consulting GmbH / HHLA Hamburg".

    Container Terminal Information System

    The CTIS system (Container Terminal Information System) is installed at the terminal. It includes all elements of modern EDP container terminal management: loading and discharging operations, vessels service, operations with railway waggons and trucks. This system permits conveniently to plan the schedule of vessels calls, loading and discharging operations, to record receiving, issuing and storage of containers.This system has also the function of Internet access for agents and forwarders to look the information regarding their cargo.

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